May 29, 2021


I went out shooting last week.  Every single morning.  Perfect light.  Perfect weather.  Saw plenty of birds.  But got no good photos.

Then I went out for a quick walk by a stream on a dark and dreary day and got multiple good shots within half an hour.

I was trying to get good shots of Green Herons last week and so ended up at the local park every morning before work to wait for the herons to come out of hiding and pose for me.  While I did see several, none worked out to make a good photo.  Don't get me wrong, still a very beautiful way to spend my mornings.  But, it reminded me once again, that patience is key.  Patience at every moment.  Patience with nature.  Patience with your gear.  Patience with yourself and your ever-improving skills and knowledge.  Patience.